Audio, Video, Driver Safety & Convenience

In recent years, the demand for high-end Audio and/or Video Systems has risen in conjunction with the amount of time people are spending in their vehicles. Whether it's the longer commutes to the office, the trips to the family cabin or just the Sunday afternoon drive we can outfit your car, truck, van or RV with a great sounding, highly/specifically engineered and expertly installed sound system and/or video system that's fully functional and meets the needs of the driver as well as the passengers.


To make the trip more safe and comfortable, we also offer a full range of 12 Volt Driver Aids that add additional levels of safety and convenience that will add more fun and relaxation to any drive, long or short! All of us at Danco have families and hold their safety very close to our hearts. We are committed to our families safety and would consider it an honor to do the same for you and your family.


With a close to endless list of options from established, well-known brand names, Danco Accessory Center can get you on the road sounding better, feeling better with unparalleled safety.


Audio Upgrades, Enhancements and Custom Installations

Over the years, we have heard one wish (well, more a complaint, really) over and over again from many people. They have the vehicle of their dreams but the factory audio system just is not what they hoped for or wanted for any number of reasons. Not enough bass or no ability to play MP3’s or the speakers sound like tin cans...we’ve heard them all!


Here’s the good news! Danco Accessory Center can provide you with the audio system of your dreams to match the vehicle of your dreams. From basic stereo and speaker upgrades to full-on custom audio systems, we have you covered! Once we have a chance to have a consultation with you, we use our experience and know-how to match you and your vehicle to the components that best fit your dreams, your budget and work within your specific application. Oh, and speaking of experience, did you know that two of our Technicians have close to 60 years of combined experience alone when it comes to car audio installation?


We can outfit you ride with products from world-class manufacturers such as JVC, Kenwood, Rockford-Fosgate, Kicker and MB Quartz just to name a few. Also, as you can see, we don’t just use one or two suppliers when it comes to audio needs. We have access to numerous additional manufacturers so when it’s time to get the wheels rolling on your audio installation, we have a large list of makes to meet your specific needs.

Video Entertainment System Installations & Upgrades

Picture this: You and the kids are getting ready for the 4 hour trip up north. You think “Wouldn’t it be nice if they could watch a movie or two?” One thing is for sure: The shorter the trip is for the kids, the shorter the trip is for the parents.

Another wish/request we get from our Customers from time-to-time is if it’s possible to install DVD players that mimic systems that are factory installed in a number of higher-end, significantly optioned later model vehicle. Just like our Audio solutions, we have you covered!

Danco Accessory Center can install a fantastic looking and sounding DVD player that you wouldn’t believe didn’t come from the factory. Systems can be either headliner-mounted, flip-down screen model or head-rest mounted for that extra sleek look. Again, installation is done with the highest level of craftsmanship that conceals all wires and connections for that factory-installed look.

We can also outfit your vehicle with the ability to stream content from your Apple or Android devise without wires!

12 Volt Driver Aids - Driver Safety & Convenience

Did you know that many of the advancements made in the areas of Driver Aids and Driver Convenience that are now standard in many mid to higher option vehicles are available for installation not just to newer, less optioned vehicles but older vehicles as well? One of the more common requests we get is whether or not it’s possible to add Hands-Free connectivity to a vehicle not having it as standard equipment. The simple answer is yes, in most cases, it is!

Danco Accessory Center can bring your vehicle up to date with a number of accessories you may not have known were available and the list is virtually endless! Here is a short run-down of what’s available:

  • Blind Spot Detection Systems that make the trip that much more safe for you and others.

  • Lane Departure Warning Systems which help keep you center of the road.

  • Parking Assistance Systems that can help alleviate curb hits or alert to back-up hazards.

  • Rearview Mirror Upgrades that can add a host of features like integrated navigation and/or parking/back-up camera with monitor.

  • Hands Free Connectivity which help keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. In fact, many local and state laws require some sort of hands-free operation of electronics like mobile phones or GPS units.


Again, this is just a partial list of what is available to give you a more relaxing and safer ride. And, as always, we are available to help you in choosing the right accessories for your specific needs.