Interior Upgrades & Customization

Even newer, well-equipped cars can lack that one item or option or touch that many are looking for. That can go without being said when it comes to older vehicles, less optioned vehicles, custom vehicles, hot rods or classics.

Here at Danco Accessory Center, we can outfit the interior of your vehicle, regardless of age, type or class, with the most sought after, cutting edge and modern accessories you've been looking for!

As we've said elsewhere, the list is impressive, rather long and seemingly endless in this area, too! Here's a short list of what we can do...

Audio, Video & Driver Convenience

While poking around our website, you may have already ran across the page dedicated to this area of vehicle accessory options. If not, click HERE to have a look at the details.

This list includes stereo upgrades, video/DVD players, Driver/Safety Aids, Hands-Free Connectivity, Lane Departure Warning Systems, Blind-Spot Detection Systems, LED Lighting, Blue Tooth integration...the list, quite literally, goes on and on!

In addition to the above, we can also perform simple upgrades such as information providing rear-view mirrors with anything from a compass to exterior cameras. Again, the list is almost endless!

Seating Options

We can also refresh those worn out seats (front or back) with new coverings. We can do something as simple as installing seat covers over your existing seating surfaces all the way up to full leather upgrades or installs! Now could also be a good time to add Lumbar Support or Massage to your seats for that added comfort!

Also, we can't forget how getting into a cold car in the middle of January feels here in Minnesota...brrrrr! Not a problem! We can quickly and easily install heated seats as an option as well! Click HERE to find out more.


Adding a sunroof to your vehicle is an awesome way to enhance the looks of your vehicle and add the functionality of additional ventilation plus let the sun shine in!

All of our sunroof installations meet or exceed the standards of those that are factory installed. Speaking of installation...once we add a new sunroof to your vehicle you would swear that it came from the factory.

Options in this area vary by vehicle type and model year and can be as simple as a manually operated unit or as complex as a fully automated unit. Please check with us to discuss what options are available for your specific application.

Other Interior Enhancements & Upgrades

Most of the same options available to our truck-owning Customers are available to car owners as well as crossovers, too! Needless to say, we can transform your ordinary interior to a well-outfitted, tailor-made, custom, extraordinary interior for a very reasonable price! 

Most of all, don't forget your interior floors/carpets. Minnesota winters and dirty, stained vehicle carpets go hand-in-hand. Why not add the protection of WeatherTech Floor Liners to help keep the interior of your vehicle visually appealing and clean. Let us custom order a set for you today!