Truck Accessories

This is by far the largest segment of our business here at Danco Accessory Center. Stands for good reason, though. This is the area upon which we were founded, established our reputation, gained our knowledge, honed our experience and created most of the relationships that we still have with so many Customers after years of being in business.

The sheer number of options we have to offer our truck-owning Customers is almost endless. We say almost because there are a number of sub-par components or un-established brands and to put it simply, we won't use them. Period. To that end, we only offer products from top notch manufacturers like Access, B&W, Draw-Tite, Luverne, Rigid Hitch, Ruff Tuff, TruXedo, Unicover, and WeatherTech just to name a few.

Listed below is a well-rounded sampling of available products and/or service but please remember...if you don't see what you're looking for, just drop us a line or stop in because chances are better than not we can do it!

Spray-On Bed Liners

Danco Accessory Center is proud to sell and apply Reflex® Spray-On Bed Liners. This is by far, the best spray-on bed lining product out there, hands down! In fact, the benefits and features of this product are so vast, we dedicated an entire page to only the Reflex® brand. Click HERE to read more about why Reflex® is the best solution out there!

Hitches & Towing Solutions

You would be hard pressed to find a truck owner who didn't buy a truck and not need to tow something at one time or another. We can fit not just trucks but most other vehicles with a wide array of trailer/towing solutions. This includes Class I to Class V under vehicle hitches to heavy duty 5th wheel units. We can also make sure all the vehicle-side wiring is done so you and your trailer are ready to hit the road.

Tonneau Covers

A great addition to any truck is that of a Tonneau cover to not just enhance the looks of the vehicle, but to add a level of security for your cargo as well as aid the aerodynamics of the vehicle to give a boost to fuel economy.

We can install vehicle-specific soft-top Tonneau covers as well as hard-top, paint-matched covers. The installation process on either are accomplished quickly making sure we get you back on the road fast!

Running Boards & Guards

Running boards not only offer a great functional value, but can add to the looks of your truck or SUV making it one-of-a-kind. They offer great aid in entry and exiting of the vehicle and, depending upon the chosen finish, jazz up the appearance to that of a sleek or more of a rugged look.

Adding additional guards to the exterior of your vehicle offer many of the same benefits plus added protection from a number of different avenues. This level of protection can also extend to the occupants as well. Whether you're off-roading, using your truck for other outdoor activities or just want to add a rugged look, we can make it happen.

Additional Exterior Upgrades/Customization

Here the list is rather extensive and is just a small sample of what is available.


In addition to the above we can also install bug deflectors to help keep your windshield clean & clear,chrome touches that add protection and good looks, add wind-deflectors to your side windows making trips with the windows down more comfortable, install cab mounted lights for better vehicle recognition, upgrade the existing lighting for better visibility or add additional lighting like fog lights or light bars for added road safety. Even mud flaps!

Also, many less-optioned or older model year trucks and SUVs lack the one option so many people love and that's a sunroof. Not a problem! Danco Accessory Center can add it for less than you think with an installation you would swear came right from the factory.

If your looking to add a level of personalization to your truck or SUV we can also apply graphic enhancements that range from simple pin-stripping to stunning artwork including see-through back window graphics that can transform your ride from plain to just plain beautiful!

Again, the list is really endless here. Not to mention that many of the exterior mounted Driver Aids mentioned within the AUDIO/VIDEO & DRIVER CONVENIENCE page can be easily installed to your truck or SUV.

Interior Upgrades, Enhancements & Customization

We know you may be tired of hearing this but yet again the list is just about endless! The number of interior upgrades, enhancements and custom additions are staggering!


Not only can we supply you with the same Audio, Video and Driver Convenience products that we apply to cars, we can do the same for your truck or SUV as well. Again, you can head over to THAT PAGE to have a look at available options. Remember, adding a DVD player for the kids or upgrading your sound system will always be a sound investment when it comes time to sell!

On top of that, did you know that Danco Accessory Center can do leather interior conversions/upgrades. That's right! Whether you would like to convert your cloth interior to a more stylish leather interior or replace the worn out leather you already have, we can do it! The options within this area are quite extensive with one that is sure to fit your needs and be visually appealing to you and others.

One last item to think about are the carpets in your truck or SUV, especially if you're using it for recreation or work. We proudly sell WeatherTech products to help protect the interior or your investment.

One Last Disclaimer

We have to make sure we say this again:

If you don't see what it is you're looking for, please ask us! There is a good chance that we can make it happen! This is especially true for custom work as no two projects are the same and, in our mind, nor should they be!

We invite any and all inquiries and/or requests! It will never be a waste of our time to get you what it is you're looking for and you will never be made to feel as though we are too busy to listen to your specific request. We are here to serve YOU!

Don't believe us? Head over to our CONTACT PAGE, fill out the form and hit submit! Better yet, call us or drop by so we can discuss your situation!